Who takes care of the animals at the Seaport?


My name is Jessica Blanchard and I am a graduate of Stockton University with a degree in Environmental Science.  It has been my pleasure to be the animal caretaker at the Tuckerton Seaport for one year now.  The Seaport is home to many indoor aquatic animals including local fish, turtles, horseshoe crabs and conch.  All of these critters live within the local bay and estuary.  They play important roles in the ecology of this area.  Come on in and see who you recognize!  Maybe you will see the Diamondback Terrapin or the very interesting horseshoe crab.  It is my job to feed these animals as well as provide a clean, healthy environment for them to thrive in.

The Seaport is also home to domestic livestock.  Current residents include two goats, two sheep and four chickens.  These animals are very friendly and love to have visitors!  Every Sunday from 10-12 I spend time feeding and caring for these kiddos.  Sam our largest goat loves to be hand fed apples, carrots and grasses.  The sheep, appropriately named Salt and Pepper, really enjoy the wild chives that grow around their pen.  The chickens go crazy for cucumbers and tomatoes.  Come stop by the Seaport any Sunday to meet the gang and help me spoil them with these healthy treats!