Marine Science Camp at Tuckerton Seaport


Marine Science Camp 2

The award-winning New Logic Educators Marine Science Camp, founded by Sherri Paris, is holding a camp for ages 6-12 during the week of July 18-22 at the Tuckerton Seaport. The campers are led by experienced marine scientists in a variety of sampling/seining techniques, and this year all of the data will be reported to the NJ DEP. Campers are led in a variety of marine science curriculum topics from sharks to turtles to ocean acidification, all aimed to enrich their knowledge of the marine environment. Staff members are educators, college graduates and college and high school students who specialize in marine science. The camp utilizes the unique location and activities of the Tuckerton Seaport to make this a unique and rich camp experience for all!

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Marine Science Camp 3