Baymen Donations from Eileen and Darryl Platt

This summer, the Seaport received some fantastic gifts from Brigantine natives Eileen and Darryl Platt. Eileen’s brother Charles “Buddy” Plageman operated a lobster boat, “The Mad Potter,”from the mid 70’s until his death in 2000. Buddy was a boat captain, fireman, and owner of the Lobster Shanty at Gardner’s Basin in Atlantic City – a true Jersey Bayman. The Platts donated the wooden sign that adorned the Lobster Shanty. The sign is in perfect condition – and just worn enough to show off what it’s been through. It’s a working sign from a working man’s shanty. Still readable, the lobster is prominent, the colors just bright enough.

The Platts also donated the Women’s Surf Fishing Club of New Jersey: Cook Book of Seafood Recipes – luckily these New Jersey natives found the book at a yard sale in North Carolina! Filled with what today or to non-shore residents may seem exotic recipes the book is quite the catch. Published in 1966, the women write about “baked fish loaves” and “mock scallops” made from shark with hand-drawn examples of the dishes. Also included are advertisements of local spots and businesses like Tuckerton lumber, the Lucy Evelyn ship, and the Smithville Inn. The women of the Fishing Club share recognizable names for locals – like Parker and Falkenburg.

They write about clams:

“The clam is a shellfish which is able to travel where ever it wishes to go. It stands on edge and by extending its foot, or the hand part, crawls along and burrows into the sand. Clams are secured from the bays by raking, or tonging, when the tide has receded.”

Tuckerton Seaport & Baymen’s Museum thanks Eileen and Darryl Platt for their contributions to the museum – and to Buddy Plageman for giving the Lobster Shanty sign an extra special significance! Be sure to stop by the Seaport’s Hotel DeCrab on-site during your  next visit to get an up close view of the Lobster Shanty sign – and inquire within about the Women’s Surf Fishing Club of New Jersey Cookbook of Seafood Recipes.

Click the image above to see some of the cookbook pages

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  1. Thanks for sending the link to your museum. We as buddy’s relatives loved him so much and he would be so proud that you have his sign in your museum.

    Rose Warner one of Buddy’s sisters.

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