Folklife is all around you at the Jersey Shore Folklife Center!

The Jersey Shore Folklife Center at Tuckerton Seaport is dedicated to documenting, presenting, and, most important of all, sharing the traditions and diverse communities of the Jersey Shore and Pinelands.

Join us for programming, classes, and demonstrations by local folk artists and craftspeople that explore how the Pinelands and the Bay have influenced the communities that live here. Take classes in our Folklife Center building. View our collections of decoys and sneakboxes. Learn from real tradition bearers who pass their torches on to the next generation.

Folklife isn’t far away in the past or even far from your front door. Folklife is alive!

The Jersey Shore Folklife Center offers classes on fiber arts, decoy carving, and more! Check in monthly for new offerings.

The Center is also a hub for research and information on local customs, traditions, and cultural history. You can view some of our fieldwork on our YouTube Channel or on our StoryCorps Community Page. They are updated frequently, so there’s always new information and research available.

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The New Jersey Council on the Arts provides access to traditional folk arts for homebound individuals, click for more info: