Learn from Home

Learn from Home

Here’s your source for some learn-from-home activities.  Please check back – we’ll be adding more content often.  Stay well!

Check out the Junior Duck Stamp Virtual Traveling Exhibit!
Let’s get growing!
At home basket weaving
Felting wool sheep
At Home Activities
Parents guide – Earth Day
Hey Parents!
Join us for this fun activity where kids will learn to make crabs from things you already have at home. Watch, create, then share your photos with us!  #makingthemost
Become a Citizen Scientist! You can do it in your very own backyard just by looking out the window and observing the animals you see, taking notes on behaviors and documenting the sightings in real life data bases.
Weather Vanes – Learn which way the wind is blowing
Check out this short Stop Motion How To Video and create inspiring messages for our community!
Make Some Paper Flowers with Paper Posy Peddler Mallorie
Interview Activity
Parents Guide – Interview Activity
Learn about blacksmithing!

Take a field trip from home!

Narrated tour of Tuckerton Creek
Hotel de Crab and Knot Tying
Tucker’s Lighthouse Tour and NJ Lighthouse Map Activity
Valerie Vaughn and Instrument Making
History of the Coast Guard and Sponge Life Vests Activity
Decoy Carving
Sneakboxes and Garveys at Boat Works
Hunting Shanty and Flattie Tour
Folk Art 101: Walkthrough & At Home Collage Activity
Clamming in the Barnegat Bay:  History and Clam Matching Game Craft

Five Fun Facts about Crabs:
5. Over five million crabs are harvested from New Jersey waters every year!
4. Crabs are omnivorous. They eat both plants and animal materials.
3. Crabs are decapod. They have ten legs.
2. If a crab loses a claw, it can grow a new one in about a year.
1. A group of crabs is called a cast.


Shout out to all the incredible teachers who are helping students and families feel connected!

The Seaport is still here to offer support. You can count on us.

Homeschooling Parents: Use the below video of Captain Oppie Speck to help your young learners discover that while tough times never last, tough people always do. Enjoy this virtual boat ride with the Captain and his crew.

Share this with any teacher you know looking for resources for her or his students!

And keep an eye on our page. While we are doing our part and social distancing, we will be reaching out every week with new ways to serve families virtually. And before you know it, we will be back in action!


Preview “Working the Bay” with Captain “Oppie” Speck
Full length version of “Working the Bay” with Captain “Oppie” Speck

At Home Art Show!

Hey parents!

Think about adding an At Home Art Show to this week’s activities. Art is a great way to encourage young learners to express themselves. Anyone can be an artist. Let’s think creatively about how every day materials you already have at home can be used to create art.

Click here to find some inspiration in the Virtual Art Show by Pine Shores Art Association.

Share your artwork with us!