Seaport Spaces

Seaport Spaces







Tucker’s Island Lighthouse Replica

See multiple exhibits covering topics that include:

  • Folkllife is All Around You*
  • Turn of the Century Tuckerton*
  • New Jersey Lighthouses and Life Saving Stations
  • Tuckers Island Lighthouse/ Rider Family Exhibit
  • The Tuckerton Railroad
  • Weather permitting, students and chaperones may climb to the observation deck.

*New Exhibits:

Turn of the Century Tuckerton

Step back in time and view Tuckerton through a turn-of-the-century lens! Archival photographs from Tuckerton’s first photographer, W. C. Jones alongside the Seaport Mural by Cathleen Engelson frame this exhibit. Artifacts from the Tuckerton Historical Society, information from the 1900 and 1910 Tuckerton Censuses, and vignettes of turn-of-the-century spaces provide a way to experience the life and occupations of residents living in Tuckerton at the turn of the 20th century.

Folklife is All Around You

This Jersey Shore Folklife Center exhibit, located in the Tucker’s Island Lighthouse front gallery, showcases the rich folklife of the South Jersey through photographs and objects created by and folk artisans who continue to pass these traditions on to the next generation.  Answer the question, “What is Folklife?”  View the objects created by folk artists working with the Tuckerton Seaport and Baymen’s Museum as well as a special collection of Noyes Museum Collection Decoys and Shorebirds. Stop and listen to folk music and oral traditions at the “listening station.” This must see exhibit helps you recognize that folklife isn’t in the past, it is all around you!






“Life on the Edge”

The Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve presents numerous hands-on, interactive exhibits to provide an overview of Barnegat Bay.





“Walk on the Wildside”

“Walk in the footsteps of those who’ve gone before” by learning about the people that comprise the Barnegat Bay and Pinelands. Explore the mural representing the four habitats in South Jersey (Atlantic Ocean, Barrier Islands, Marsh, and Pinelands), as well as visiting (and touching!)  live horseshoe crabs, turtles, and other marine life.






Jay Parker’s Carving Shed

Visit a replica of Jay C. Parker’s carving shed where this true Jersey Shore Bayman carved decoys he sold from his front porch on Rte 9! Stop in to speak with a master carver and learn the unique history of NJ Barnegat Bay decoy carving.






Hunting Shanty

View the Tuckerton Seaport and Baymen’s Museum’s extensive collection of decoys along with rotating exhibits featuring decoys from the collaborating organizations and museums such as the NJ Decoy Collector’s Association and the Noyes Museum of Art.







Parson’s Clam House

Students learn how clams are and were historically harvested from the Bay as well as how millions of clams and oysters are regrown to help replenish their populations.







Historic Mini Golf

A trivia based 9-hole miniature golf course that teaches Barnegat Bay history.








Get hands-on and learn about ships, sailing, simple machines, and science, math, and language arts. Pretend you are a sailor on the ship’s crew and learn how just about anyone can lift a 50lb barrel with the help of line and pulleys (yes, you can!)






Farm Animals

Get to know our farm animals! Learn about and interact with the goats, sheep, and chickens that live at the Seaport.







Crest Fishery

Explore the economic, social, and environmental impact of the fishing industry on the Barnegat Bay region.







NJ Surf Museum and Hall of Fame

The New Jersey Surf Museum at Tuckerton Seaport explores the regions historic connections to surfing as well as the Jersey “surfer” lifestyle.







Perrine’s Boatworks

Discover the history of two Barnegat Bay work boats, the Sneakbox and the Garvey in this working boatworks.







1/2 Mile Nature Trail

Enjoy the plant life and trees that occupy the “creek side” wooded tract. Look for the “snowmen” depicting traditional Barnegat Bay and Pineland occupations. Grab a Nature Trail Scavenger Hunt from the Visitors Center for a fun trail activity!











Feel the heat of the forge, hear the striking iron, and see both artful and functional objects being forged out of fire and metal.







Fiber Arts

View a demonstration of an artisan spinning wool, knitting, needle felting, book binding, or quilting.







Basket Weaving

Learn about the history of basket weaving through demonstration and/or hands-on activities with Master Basket weaver, Mary May.







Folk Music/Oral Traditions

Listen to the history and stories of the Jersey Shore as sung and told by folk musician Valerie Vaughn, New Jersey’s Troubadour!